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bulletThe importance of your website terms and conditions

Publish date: December 21, 2012

The following is published with permission from ContractStore. The original article can be found at Beware the Small Print on Your Website! When Colin Cochrane showed his girl friend's five. read more

bulletThe Bribery Act -- one year on

Publish date: October 26, 2012

Do you have adequate procedures in place to avoid the risk of prosecution? The UK's Bribery Act has been in force since July 2011 and while many companies have taken. read more

bulletThe risks of using free legal documents

Publish date: January 27, 2012

The legal services market continues to evolve, particularly online. Businesses and individuals can now access a wide range of legal documents and services from the Internet. While the changes create. read more

bulletNew EU Directive gives more protection to consumers shopping online

Publish date: January 26, 2012

The European Commission issued new Rules on 10th October 2011 concerning distance selling including Internet trading that are designed to give more protection to consumers. Among the changes are: Protection. read more

bulletThe real implications of the Companies Act 2006 on small businesses

Publish date: September 09, 2011

The Companies Act 2006 is the longest statute in English Law. Comprising 1300 sections with more than 40 sets of accompanying regulations, the Act is a massive piece of legislative. read more