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 Quality legal templates to download for your business

We believe that businesses should not have to spend large sums to protect their interests. 

ContractStore was founded in 2002 by a city lawyer on the principle that legal fees should not prevent SME's from getting good contracts in place. Many business agreements can be developed from templates, and this saving should be passed on to the buyer.

As our numerous customer case studies show, SME's have been benefiting from our service ever since. Over 200 contract templates cover most of the legal contracts a business is likely to need for successful trading. All our contracts cost less than £50, offering substantial savings on legal fees, even if then get the template adjusted, either by your own lawyer or through our tailoring service.

 Download your documents immediately on to your PC via 'My Contracts'. Secure online payment through Worldpay and Paypal accepting all major credit cards. Documents are in easy-to-edit Word format. Detailed explanatory notes for all contracts can be read on our website before purchasing. All documents are written by legal experts in their field

ContractStore offers contracts for:

  • Joint Ventures, Shareholders and Partnerships
  • Terms of Sale & Purchase of Goods, Services, and Business
  • Employment
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Consultancy
  • Agents, Distributors and Franchising
  • Property and Leases
  • Internet
  • Intellectual Property
  • International – contracts for China, USA, South Africa

We also offer support for customers with specialist tailoring by our legal team. And you can visit our blog or get e-newsletters for legal updates and business tips.

View Contract Store's webiste www.contractstore.com.