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 Saving your legal fees

The UK's DIY legal publisher, offering a wide range of legal guides, kits & contracts. Lawpack is the leading high street brand in the area of self-help legal products. Lawpack's legal forms, kits and guides have become the choice of more that a million customers.

Lawpack offers convenient and economical solutions for both consumers and businesses alike, helping people resolve legal issues and save legal fees.
Lawpack's range of forms, kits and guides are available in paper format or as downloads from the Lawpack website www.lawpack.co.uk . Find everything from DIY will kits to tenancy agreements, share certificates to power of attorney legal forms, employment contracts, company resolutions and minutes, property inventory forms, rent books, DIY divorce forms, prenuptial agreements and a lot more.

All of Lawpack's self-help legal products have been written and approved by lawyers and developed with the aim of making them as straightforward as possible to use.

View Law Pack's webiste www.lawpack.co.uk.